The biggest private practice success tip of them all

This is a biggie.

But before I reveal what it is, I want to ask you a couple of questions…

Firstly, what is your Private Practice income?

How much are you earning?

And how does that compare with the income of the highest earners in your specialty?

Now I can’t read minds, but I’d put a lot of money on the fact that you aren’t the highest earning consultant in your specialty, are you?

You may be doing pretty well, but there are many others in your field doing better.

Earning more than you.

Some of them might even be your colleagues at your own hospital.

And so to my next question.


Why AREN’T you the highest earning consultant in your field?

Are the big money earners smarter than you?

Do they all have world-renowned expertise that you don’t?

Do they provide better care than you?

Are they more Gifted in some way that you’re not?

I’m betting not.

Further, I’m betting that a lot of those guys/gals are actually not as good doctors as you. Not as good clinicians, perhaps. A bit behind the times in some of their management, maybe. Possibly don’t even have the same high standards of integrity that you do.

Yet despite this, they are they are earning more than you.

Like it or not, are more successful in their Private Practice than you are.

So the thing I want to get across right at the beginning, that I think is so important that it is the #1 Private Practice Success Tip, is this:

Success can be modelled.

And if you want similar private practice success to the big money earners in your field, all you’ve got to do is watch and learn: Find out what they do and understand why they do it.

Then go out and implement the same strategies yourself in your own Practice.

By Dev Lall FRCS

Meet the Author

Dev Lall

Upper GI Surgeon and expert in growing private medical practices