Ben Stiller is a brave man

Particularly as he is a major Hollywood star.

Because back in 2014 he was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate following a routine physical examination. His doctor performed a PSA test which turned out to be elevated and the diagnosis made. He underwent a total prostatectomy shortly after and in October of this year went public over the condition.

That took guts, because it raised the inevitable questions of post-op sexual function.

As he himself put it:

“Do you want to live or do you want your sex life to be the best it can be?”

And whilst sex is never very far away in the mind of any man, (me included) I can say with certainty that I’d opt for the surgery in a heartbeat, if that was what it took to give the best chance of cure.

In a heartbeat.

As for Ben Stiller, I do like him. His films are pretty good.

And his candour following a major life event and support for patients with prostate cancer has only enhanced his reputation in my book.

Sorry? What was that?

“What has this got to do with Private Practice?”

Quite a lot, actually.

Because marketing your private practice is all about becoming more visible to your potential patients.

And that requires publicity.

And one easy way to do this is to get some free PR in newspapers and magazines. As a urologist this would be very easy right now if you talk about prostate cancer using Ben Stiller as an example. Talking about the fact that it can affect any man. That it’s not an “old mans disease”. That it can be successfully treated. By talking about the importance of regular health screening, and getting checked out if you’re symptomatic. Talking about the pros and cons of PSA testing.

Getting free publicity on this topic right now would be easy – because it’s topical, and has affected a high profile actor who is currently in the news.

Any urologist or private GP could do this.

All it takes is a bit of effort and being open to opportunity – keeping your ears out as to what’s happening in the Press.

So good luck to Ben – hopefully he’s cured.

And to any urologists reading this, get cracking.

You could write a quick press release right now and be in print within the week.

What’s stopping you?

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