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Increased my Income by More Than 400%

“I have benefitted greatly from working with Dev in building my private practice. He has put a huge amount of work into his email, written and audio-visual presentations all of which contain really helpful advice to maximise income. The information he has given me makes a lot of common sense but wouldn’t be immediately obvious to a lot of doctors.
Since following his advice, which is essentially a, step by step guide, in my first year I have increased my income by at least 400%. I will continue to follow his guidance as a mentor and highly recommend joining the very unique service he offers through “The Inner Circle” to those professionals who want to accelerate their income.”

Consultant Urologist, Essex


From 2 New Patients A MONTH to 2 New Patients A WEEK…

“I’d been a consultant cardiologist for about 2 years & decided it was about time I improved my private practice. I was getting a not so amazing 2 new private patients per month. I’d heard Dev harp on about making a website & using adwords etc. I took the plunge with both techniques & it has actually worked (I hate it when surgeons are right).
After around 3 months of the website going live & without doing anything else (increasing GP talks is planned), I am now getting around 2 new private patients per week. I am now obligated to try & implement other bits of advice from Dev but will only tell him if they don’t work…..”

Consultant Cardiologist


More Than Quadrupled the Number of New Patients I See…

“My cataract surgery numbers have gone up to 2 to 3 a week from 1 a fortnight. The AMD campaign has increased my referrals but to a lesser degree… Well done!”

Consultant Ophthalmologist, London


From £500,000 to a Million Pounds a Year…

“Working with Dev Lall the Private Practice Expert I have nearly doubled my private practice income in 3 years”

Consultant Oncologist, London


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