I should be so lucky, lucky lucky lucky

We’re very lucky as doctors. Particularly when it comes to our private practices.

You see a private practice is no more and no less than a business…

You provide a service (whether you are a physician or a surgeon is irrelevant, of course) and you sell that to ‘customers’ – patients.

So OK, medicine is (or can be) great fun. A certain amount of prestige, camaraderie, the knowledge that we can and do save lives. And we may not get paid as much as we think we ought, but we’re certainly not poor.

There are many reasons we are lucky.

But what I want to focus on today why we are far luckier than most business owners – and of course if you are in private practice, you ARE a business owner.

You see there are two things you need to make a sale:

1. Trust

2. Knowledge of what the customer Wants and Needs

As doctors we have both – Trust because people do still trust us as doctors, and secondly we have Knowledge of the patients wants and needs from our history taking and examination.

Why is this so fantastic?

Because to succeed in your private practice or any business for that matter, all you need to do is find out what people want…

…and then give it to them.

Simple as that.

And we’ve got it on a silver platter.

So Private Practice Success Tip #4 is this: When talking to your patients, always ask yourself these two questions:

“How could I serve this patient better? i.e. What do they NEED?” And secondly

“What does this patient WANT?”

Then simply give it to them.

Do this and your private practice success is assured.

By Dev Lall FRCS

Meet the Author

Dev Lall

Upper GI Surgeon and expert in growing private medical practices