Inner Circle

As well as working with consultants one-on-one I also work with consultants as a group through my Private Practice Success Inner Circle.

Membership is open to consultants in any specialty and not only do you get access to all the training and advice you need to promote and grow your own private practice you also get a whole host of other benefits, including one-on-one personal, confidential access to me.

Membership is through invitation only, so if you would like to know more how I can help you at a personal level yet without the intensity of one-on-one mentoring you can get in touch via the Contact Me page.

Increased my Income by More Than 400%

“I have benefitted greatly from working with Dev in building my private practice. He has put a huge amount of work into his email, written and audio-visual presentations all of which contain really helpful advice to maximise income. The information he has given me makes a lot of common sense but wouldn’t be immediately obvious to a lot of doctors.
Since following his advice, which is essentially a, step by step guide, in my first year I have increased my income by at least 400%. I will continue to follow his guidance as a mentor and highly recommend joining the very unique service he offers through “The Inner Circle” to those professionals who want to accelerate their income.”

Consultant Urologist, Essex