Particularly as he is a major Hollywood star. Because back in 2014 he was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate following a routine physical examination. His doctor performed a PSA test which turned out to be elevated and the diagnosis made. He underwent a total prostatectomy shortly after and in October of this year went [...]

Yesterday was a good day. Particularly for one David Sellu. I don’t know if you know him personally or not. I don’t, though he worked on my “patch” here in NW London. But I hope you know his story, because it is frankly terrifying. In short, in February 2010 he was asked to see a [...]

Sex, Money KISS

I read a lot of books. Of all sorts. And today I thought I’d reveal my top business book of all time. It is… Sex, Money, Kiss by Gene Simmons The sharp-eyed amongst you will notice something immediately. That Gene Simmons is actually a THE Gene Simmons from the rock band KISS. So what the [...]

I have started a new Group on LinkedIn “UK Doctors in Private Practice”. This is ONLY for consultants with a private practice – no marketers or people trying to promote their products or services! I will be sharing hints and tips with you there as well so check it out by clicking the link below: [...]

A few years ago for Christmas I got given a book called “The Mammoth book of Insults”. Whether someone was trying to tell me something I don’t know. Anyway, it’s sat on a bookshelf largely forgotten about until yesterday when I took it down, blew the dust off the top and dipped in to it. [...]

I was reminded today by a good friend of mine of a rather unpleasant experience he had some months back. He is a real dog enthusiast, he just can’t get enough of them. And one day his dog was unwell and had a bit of … …shall we say… …erm, ‘gastrointestinal hurry’. And since this [...]

Paralysed by Fear

Fear is a terrible thing. Even the word itself somehow manages to look a bit scary. And fear comes in many forms. The fear of doing something new. The fear of failure. The fear of upsetting colleagues. And these last three Fears are particularly relevant to your private practice. I consulted with a colleague in [...]

Anyone interested in Politics? Nor me. Personally I think they’re all thieving scumbags who cannot be trusted 2.54 centimetres. And because of that (and the fact that I don’t actually have a television) I don’t follow politics at all. I am aware though that the Americans are gearing up for their presidential elections and had [...]

Went out for a beer last night with one of my consultant colleagues from the hospital where I used to work. We got talking about the usual stuff: patients with cans of deodorants lodged in delicate places requiring removal; the desirability of the medical director being fitted with such a prosthesis, might improve his breath [...]

Today I want to share with you an email I got from one of my mentoring clients last night… I’m running a Pay-per-Click Google Adwords campaign for him, and I have just finished writing the content for his new website. My web designer has designed a great website for him on a domain I advised [...]

My six-year old son went back to school a couple of days ago. I have to say I was delighted… Not because I didn’t want him around but because it made it so hard to work when he was at home. I’d be holed up in the office but he’d want to play and my [...]

My car has been making an odd noise recently. It’s a BMW 3 series I bought for the missus when she was expecting our first child to save her running around in the unreliable old bangers I used to favour. She flatly refused to get on the back of my Kawasaki either so a new [...]

We’re very lucky as doctors. Particularly when it comes to our private practices. You see a private practice is no more and no less than a business… You provide a service (whether you are a physician or a surgeon is irrelevant, of course) and you sell that to ‘customers’ – patients. So OK, medicine is [...]

I got an interesting email from a friend of mine today. It reminded me of how I learned to handle sick patients many years ago as a Surgical SpR… and how I respond when asked the question: “When you are asked to see a patient in the middle of the night, when do you phone [...]

I told you once the story of how I got started in helping colleagues with their private practices. About how learned the skills you need when I ran my sportscar company as a surgical SpR, and one day it dawned upon me that no matter how good the car was no-one would buy it unless [...]