Oh my God have you seen the kitchen?

I was reminded today by a good friend of mine of a rather unpleasant experience he had some months back.

He is a real dog enthusiast, he just can’t get enough of them. And one day his dog was unwell and had a bit of …

…shall we say…

…erm, ‘gastrointestinal hurry’.

And since this occurred overnight with the dog locked in the kitchen, when my mate came down to let him out in the morning he found the place awash with crap.

Piles of it, smears of it, puddles of it, splashes, the lot.

And it needed cleaning up.


What do you do when faced with a mammoth task like this?

Like tackling the marketing and promotion of your private practice?
It all seems so daunting the temptation is to ignore it and just see the patients you’ve already got booked in.


If there is no obvious place to start in your marketing and promotional efforts for your practice, the solution is just to pick somewhere – anywhere – and just start.

You can waste an awful lot of time wondering how, where and when to begin.

And don’t forget that marketing is cumulative. Over time each effort you make not only makes the next effort easier mentally but also the results of those efforts are additive. You’ll get some patients coming in from your website, your pay-per-click campaigns, some from article marketing, some from PR, some from your relationships and promotional efforts with GPs – and so it goes.

So don’t be overwhelmed by the apparent magnitude of the task ahead.

Just start.

PS thanks to Jon for that heartwarming story and imagery.

By Dev Lall FRCS

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Dev Lall

Upper GI Surgeon and expert in growing private medical practices