Tortoise or Hare? It’s up to YOU

My six-year old son went back to school a couple of days ago.

I have to say I was delighted…

Not because I didn’t want him around but because it made it so hard to work when he was at home.

I’d be holed up in the office but he’d want to play and my wife would only half-heartedly stop him coming in – after all if I was with him she could get what she wanted done too…

So I’m glad he’s back at school now because I can now focus my time where it needs to be.


Focus, focus, focus.

Because I have a Plan.

For each of us there are steps you need to take, usually in a particular order, which will get you where you want to be. Each step has to be achieved before the goal can be fulfilled.

Now say you want to be a millionaire. There are various ways to get there depending upon your circumstances. But there will be certain steps that must occur – such as clearing debts, improving the use of your time, changing some of the ways you administer your private practice. Seeing less of certain types of patient and more of other, more rewarding clinical conditions. And so on and so on. The steps you need to take are pretty simple and obvious when you think about it.

Complete the steps and reach the goal. You’ll be a millionaire!

Now I’m NOT saying your goal should be to become a millionaire.

You might want to drop some of your NHS sessions yet keep your total income as it is.

You might want to quit the NHS completely and work purely in the private sector.

You might want to reduce the numbers of certain patients and concentrate on certain conditions.

You might want to reduce you private workload yet maintain your income so you have more time with family and friends.

You might want to rapidly grow your practice before you sell it at retirement for a nice fat lump sum.

Or yes, you might want to become a millionaire.

All are realistic and achievable – IF you do the needful.

Now the interesting thing is, it doesn’t matter if you take six years or six months to complete the steps required to achieve your goal. At the end of it you’ll achieve the goal.

But wouldn’t you rather (assuming you want to be a millionaire) be a millionaire in SIX MONTHS rather than SIX YEARS?

All that is required is commitment and SPEED OF IMPLEMENTATION.

So Private Practice Success Tip #6 is to move FAST.

Whatever you want to achieve, make that short term time or financial commitment to make it happen. Drive it through. Spend a little less time with your family now and reap the rewards of your sacrifice that much sooner

And get where you want to be in 6/12…

…rather than 6 years…

…or NEVER.

By Dev Lall FRCS

Meet the Author

Dev Lall

Upper GI Surgeon and expert in growing private medical practices