Why I love the Deanery, NHS… and Computers

I had an interesting conversation with one of my mentoring clients the other day. He was telling me how his registrar had gone off on maternity leave, and what with the chaos of trainees swapping over…

at the beginning of August he had contacted the deanery to see if they would send him another registrar.

Amazingly, they DID send him another registrar to join the firm. A very good one.

Except when she arrived she was heavily pregnant.


… wanted to organize her maternity leave.


Now the idiocy of the Deanery and NHS has to be experienced to be believed.

Yet how guilty are we all of comparable foolishness in our own practices?

I recently had a massive computer cock-up due to a virus infection, meaning that I lost loads of client work as well as my own work from the previous week. In the end I had to re-do a whole stack of it, AND it took ages to get the system disinfected and up and running again. And that despite all sorts of backups, cloud storage, antivirus and firewall installed.

And the source of the virus?

An infected memory stick. My wife had been using it on her laptop but hadn’t updated the antivirus program on it for months.

And worse still this was the SECOND TIME she had clobbered my system in precisely the same way.

This was not a formula for marital bliss and harmony.

And yet…you likely know and have known for quite a while that you do not need to rely upon GP’s to benevolently passing patients in your direction to grow your practice. The successful private practices certainly don’t.

Every day I meet consultants complaining that their practice has contracted by as much as 10% recently. Yet they make minimal effort to market their practice.

Are you one of those or are you bucking the trend and growing despite the pressure from the insurance companies?

Just asking, is all.

Just asking.

By Dev Lall FRCS

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Dev Lall

Upper GI Surgeon and expert in growing private medical practices